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Weeks after the box of chocolates is gone and the flowers have wilted, your scuba sweetheart can still cherish a dive-related gift. Make February 14th a day your love won’t forget with one of these romantic gifts for your dive valentine.

Hide an underwater valentine message

Discovering a declaration of your love underwater oozes romance during a dive. Stash a message in a bottle or hide stones with words of love, and then help your valentine stumble on this underwater treasure to make your partner feel as if they’re living a fantasy.

You can buy a message in a bottle or stones marked with the reasons you love your girl/guy, or you can make them yourself. Just use nontoxic products and heavily weight the items so they aren’t swept away. Then, hide the message before the dive or sneak it into your gear to hide during the dive when your girl/guy is looking the other way.

Adopt coral as a reminder or a promise

Symbolically adopt coral in the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Palau or Papua New Guinea to remind you of a favorite trip or as a promise to visit that unexplored reef together soon with the Nature Conservancy’s Adopt a Coral Reef program. You can also adopt from small, local groups such as the Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire. Adopt a specific coral that the organization will grow and care for in one of their nurseries before transplantation. If there’s another area special to you, an online search with that place along with the phrases, “coral restoration” or “adopt a coral” may yield results.

Splurge on an elegant dive watch

While most divers use a dive computer, a dive watch can be a stunning and helpful tool both above and below the water. Whether you purchase something classy and understated or big and bold, a dive watch is an elegant symbol of your partner’s adventuresome spirit.

Give them marine-themed jewelry

An exquisite piece of marine jewelry is a reminder of the sea even when your love remains stuck on dry land. We adore jewelry fashioned from sea glass which can be inexpensive or pricey, traditional or modern. Tumbled in the ocean and collected by hand from beaches all over the world, authentic one-of-a-kind sea glass becomes jewelry as unique as your valentine. We also love sterling silver crafted into marine and dive shapes, creating fun, fanciful pieces.

Hire an underwater photographer or videographer

Even if you’re a photographer or videographer, you probably don’t have many fantastic underwater shots of you and your sweetheart together. Book someone for your next scheduled trip to shoot lasting memories of your time underwater, enjoying the dive as individuals and as a couple. Handholding is optional.

Offer a romantic day of diving

A day of diving can become the ultimate in romantic experiences when you add in some dreamy flourishes. An economical favorite remains a post-dive shower for two followed by a picnic on the beach with two single exotic flowers — one for the table and one for your valentine to wear. If you want to splash out, hire a private sailboat to take both of you diving and then on a cruise afterwards to enjoy a romantic meal.

Gift a romantic getaway 

Surprise your love with the ultimate Valentine’s Day gesture — a getaway to an island paradise or trip on a sailing liveaboard. Give the gift of an unforgettable experience creating memories in a romantic destination. Even a quick 3-day weekend trip can sweep your valentine off their feet whether the vacation is planned in advance or a great deal you snagged last minute.

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